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Registration Information

Fall Registration is CLOSED

Please see our registration FAQ page before asking questions.


Registration Deadlines:

PRE-K, KG and Grade 1/2, our "In-House Programs" have a Regular Registration Deadline of 7/10/2021 and a Final Registration Deadline of 8/20/2021

Grades 3-12, our "Travel Programs" have a Regular Registration Deadline of 7/10/2021 and a Final Registration Deadline of 8/10/2021.

Any registrations received after our "Regular Registration Deadline" will be considered LATE and have an aditional "Late Fee" applied to their invoice up until our Final Registration Deadline.  After our Final Registration Deadline, any registrations recieved will have an aditional "Post Registration Late Fee" applied to their invoices.

Grades 3-12 please note that teams will be formed well before the registration deadlines.  Registering early helps us place players on approriate teams.  Registering late may affect which team a child is placed on based on registeration deadlines and roster sizes for certain age groups.


Registration Costs: 

PRE-K - $80
KG-Gr1/2 - $120
Travel - $140

Late Fee: 

PRE-K - $10
KG-Gr1/2 - $10
Travel - $10

Post Registration Late Fee:

PRE-K - $10
KG-Gr1/2 - $30
Travel - $30


Family max is $285.  The max is only applied when children are signed up at the same time.  Your invoice will be adjusted automatically before checkout.  Those that sign up after the registration deadline dates will not be eligible for the family maximum; the full rate will apply for each player.


Some important notes:

  • There will be NO refunds for players after our Regular Registration Deadlines.
  • In-House schedule: All in-house games will take place on Saturday mornings. PRE-K, KG, and Grades 1/2 will play sometime between 9:00am and 2:00pm.  Game times are still TBD.
  • Full registration rules, league rules and game and uniform guidelines can be found on our website at
  • If the season is canceled for reasons beyond the leagues control a full refund is not guaranteed. 


If you are a current SYSL family please do not create a new account if you forgot your username or password. Use the help link on the login page.

Please email the SYSL Registrar, Amanda Grant directly with any questions.