2019-2020 Board of Directors

If you are interested in joining the board, or volunteering in any capacity, please email info@stoughtonsoccer.org.

Name Board Position Other Duties Email Term Ends
Kevin Grant President Field Coordinator, Grade 7/8 Girls Coordinator president@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020
Lou Teixeira Vice President Grade 7/8 Boys Coordinator vicepresident@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020
Rik Moore Treasurer   treasurer@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020
Amanda Grant Registrar PRE-K and KG Coordinator registrar@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020
Stephanie Shirey Secretary Grade 3/4 Girls Coordinator secretary@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020
Paul Carpinella At Large Grade 1/2 Boys Coordinator pcarpinella@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020
Jon Grant At Large Grade 5/6 Boys Coordinator jgrant@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020
Siddharth Dutta At Large Grade 1/2 Girls Coordinator sdutta@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020
Craig Smith At Large Grade 5/6 Girls Coordinator csmith@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020
Mark Kluczwski At Large Grade 3/4 Boys Coordinator mkluczwski@stoughtonsoccer.org 2020