FAQ - Tryouts/Evaluations

Q: My child can't make it to tryouts/evalutations.  What do I do?
A: Evaluations are one of the tools we provide to our travel coaches to help with their team selection process.  Players are not placed on teams on this day.  This is a day that we schedule and use for all coaches to see all players in person and see how they've progressed over the year.

There aren't any makeup days for those that can't attend on the schedule date.  If your child can't make it, don't panic.  Coaches have other tools they use and if they know your child, they will most likely be placed on the proper team.  Some coaches may use evaluations to help with difficult decisions, so it's best to attend if possible so your child is placed properly.

Also, players registering during our early registration period will be placed on a team.  Players registering after risk being placed on a waiting list.  See our registration page for more details.

Q: My child can make an older groups evaluations, can they go on that day instead?
A: No.  The child will not be evaluated properly and they will need to be seen with other children their age.  Players should only attend evaluations for the group they indend on playing in.

Q: Can my child tryout for an older age group?
A: Yes but please know that we rarely move players up. In certain cases we will vote on it as well.  For example, if a player is not benefiting playing in their current age group or if we have a need for more players in an older age group, we may concider moving players to an older group.  Players may try out for an older age group but we have policies around whether or not they are allowed to play there.  Please see our SYSL Policies that are posted on the website.  In most cases, children will benefit and develop best when they play with their own age group.